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History of the Urban Farm's location on the North End

The Gorman-Rupp Company


1933: J.C. Gorman and Herbert E. Rupp start a pump manufacturing business in a barn outside Mansfield, Ohio.

1934: The business is incorporated as The Gorman-Rupp Company.

1940s: The company develops a solids handling trash pump with a removable endplate.

Early 1950s: Gorman-Rupp Industries Division is formed to meet the needs of original equipment manufacturers.

1960: International expansion begins with the construction of a plant in Ontario, Canada, and the formation of the subsidiary Gorman-Rupp of Canada Limited.

1968: The company goes public.

1977: Ramparts, Inc., maker of diaphragm pumps for the chemical industry, is acquired.

1988: Gorman-Rupp acquires Patterson Pump Company, producer of large-volume centrifugal pumps used for flood control and irrigation as well as fire pumps.

1998: Patterson begins manufacturing pumps in Ireland.

2002: The company completes two acquisitions: American Machine and Tool Co., Inc. and Flo-Pak, Inc.


The Gorman Rupp Company and The Ohio State University Partnerships



One of those target areas is “Sixth and Bowman,” an area
that contains a manufacturing facility owned  by The Gorman-Rupp Company. Deanna West-Torrence, NECIC’s founder and executive director, was driving past that lot one afternoon when inspiration struck. Having coordinated the creation of nearly 30
“community gardens” across the county, she had recently been working with The Ohio State University at Mansfield on the idea of an urban farm, a resource that she believed would solve so many of the issues identified in the Community Economic Development Plan—issues like the food desert, land reclamation, and job creation. The lot seemed like a prime location for the urban farm.

As the urban farm project began to gain momentum, enthusiasm from all participants started to build, everyone feeling like they were on the verge of something special. Cindy Wood captures that feeling of serendipitous timing: “It really was a perfect win-win of industry, neighborhood development, and community dialogue, alongside the resources of a research institution like The Ohio State Mansfield that made this happen.” Scott King, Gorman-Rupp’s Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, is similarly excited about his company’s involvement: “The Gorman-Rupp Company is very pleased to partner with The Ohio State Mansfield and NECIC on an innovative urban farming project that fosters productive use of the land our former manufacturing facility occupied at 6th and Bowman streets and provides a foundation for additional investment and economic development to occur on Mansfield’s North End.”





Mansfield's North End will soon see their community beautified and invigorated by the creation of an urban farm! 

 This farm is on 12 acre, leased from Gorman Rupp site in Mansfield. The intent is to reuse this property to create a social enterprise that offers training, education, and helps address the community food insecurity concern.


Located on West 6th and Bowman Street which lies directly within a target area emphasized in the NECIC CED Plan.

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Bring Your A Game--Employee Training

Bring Your A Game to Work! Employee Training. Soft Skills Training.