Recommendations Directly From Our Community


As a result of listening to our communities recommendations on improving the quality of housing, NECIC has worked on a innovative solution for the community. The housing recommendations from the community's feedback were constructed into The Plan as follows:




-Develop affordable housing options, particularly for single childless adults, seniors, single parent families, ex-offenders, artists, residents in need of supportive housing and youth aging out of foster care system.

-Ensure that demolitions are being done in such a way that is conductive for future new construction.

-Increase the availability of housing related educational resources for residents including: financial literacy, personal credit, buyer readiness, and foreclosure prevention.

-Increase the capacity of local housing practitioners to improve all aspects of local housing, affordability, health, and safety etc.

-Increase housing code enforcement.

-Reduce land speculation.





What's Happening Next?

NECIC has assembled a  Housing committee to work continuously on efforts to provide the housing that our community would like to see more of. Although the housing efforts are still in the beginning stages of execution, we are searching for potential homebuyers who are interesting in going through our housing program. Think you are interested? Click on the link below to fill out our Housing Interest Form and we'll be in touch!

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Financial Coaching

We want to hear from YOU about financial coaching. In a world where money is coming in and going out, the more you know about your finances, the better equipped you'll be to handle whatever life throws at you. If you'd like to learn more information to take control of your financial future fill out the short poll below and leave your contact information for the follow-up!

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