My Brother's Keeper and M-CAV

In response to the unique needs of the African American male population, several community partners have come together to launch Mansfield as a My Brother's Keeper community. Launched by President Barack Obama, the My Brother's Keeper initiative focuses on young men and boys of color and the challenges they face. The six milestones of the initiative support youth in education, entering the workforce, and staying on track.

There are six milestones in the initiative:

  1. Getting a Healthy Start and Entering School Ready to Learn
    • All children should have a healthy start and enter school ready – cognitively, physically, socially, and emotionally.
  2. Reading at Grade Level by Third Grade
    • All children should be reading at grade level by age 8 – the age at which reading to learn becomes essential.
  3. Graduating from High School Ready for College and Career
    • All youth should receive a quality high school education and graduate with the skills and tools needed to advance to postsecondary education or training.
  4. Completing Postsecondary Education or Training
    • Every American should have the option to attend postsecondary education and receive the education and training needed for the quality jobs of today and tomorrow.
  5. Successfully Entering the Workforce
    • Anyone who wants a job should be able to get a job that allows them to support themselves and their families.
  6. Keeping Kids on Track and Giving Them Second Chances
    • All youth and young adults should be safe from violent crime; and individuals who are confined should receive the education, training, and treatment they need for a second chance.






Meet Mansfield MBK's newest VISTA Member to My Brother's Keeper Ohio, Christen Lee!

A Mansfield native, Lee grew up playing basketball throughout his school years. He played basketball throughout his high school career. His main goal was to uplift the youth in his community and make sure he was a positive light for young boys and girls to look up to. He continued his education in numerous colleges, and played college basketball and walked on to play football for Urbana College. Once Lee returned to his hometown of Mansfield, he still was determined to make a change in his community.

His motivation grew after the passing of his Mother back in 2016. Since then, he has been determined more than ever to be the change he wants to see in his community. Starting his brand “Grind on Demand” is a key motivation tool to, “Stay ready so you don’t have to get ready” to encourage people of every walk of life to meet the demand of their work and/or lifestyle to reach the success that they desire. With Lee’s brand, he also works with ETL (Evolving Through Love) in the community to conduct after school and summer programs for recreational sports.

He is also the founder of the Basketball Classic event in Mansfield, OH. Now serving as the MBK coordinator for the North End Community Improvement Collaborative (NECIC) he continues his work to encourage young men and provide a positive example for them to look to.

Welcome, Christen!



Mansfield Community Against Violence

In response to community violence and supporting citizen-led initiatives, NECIC is acting as Transformative Convener for the Mansfield Community Against Violence (M-CAV). 

M-CAV is the community portion of a focused deterrence effort to reduce violent crime, utilizing a data-driven, transparent, and accountable approach. In this method, violent offenders are supported by the community and offered alternatives to violent behavior. 

It's not the offender that community members want removed, it's the violence. However, as all residents have a right to be safe, when offenders reoffend in this program, the community seeks the maximum penalty.

kay smith, joe petrycki, mcav 

 Lieutenant Joe Petrycki of Mansfield and MCAV Coordinator Kay Smith

How it Works

Call In
Individuals are selected during a records review performed by state and local District Attorneys and choices are finalized by local authorities. 

The Call In begins with M-CAV community members introducing themselves to the selected individual. They offer help and welcome the individual to stay in the community, emphasizing the community's zero tolerance for violence. It is explained to the individual that, should they refuse community support and continue to participate in violent behavior, members of law enforcement and the community will work collectively to ensure they are no longer a threat to the citizens of Mansfield. 

Custom Notification
Custom Notifications outline individual consequences for involvement in specific behavior. The notifications are served by a police officer, community member, and probation officer. They can be quickly executed on short notice and have proven to be effective, with only 10% repeat offenses in model programs.

Community Involvement
Everyone deserves to live in a safe place, and to accomplish this goal, community involvement is important. For more information, or to get involved in M-CAV, call NECIC at 419-522-1611 

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