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The North End Community Improvement Collaborative, Inc. (NECIC) was founded in 2006 by a group of concerned residents as a way to improve the North End by focusing on the community's assets, bringing them together through transformative convening and transformative organizing, to make the community a better place.

Asset Based Community Development remains the goal of NECIC, and you, the North End resident, are the most important asset of all. Click here to learn more about NECIC and how you can lead the way in improving your community.

The North End

Census Tracts 6, 7, and 16 make up Mansfield's North End, the focus area of NECIC. Boasting a rich history and talented people, the North End's assets  are the key to redevelopment.

The Plan

The North End Community Economic Development Plan is a resident-driven guide for all future redevelopment and planning on the North End. Addressing those things that most concerned you, the plan focuses on land use, housing, economic development, education, public infrastructure/transit, and community spaces.

The Vision

The North End Community Improvement Collaborative's vision is to assist the North End in becoming the leading engine of economic vitality, arts, and positive youth and civic engagement within the city of Mansfield.



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NECIC North End Elder Program

Are you age 60 or older? If so, you are invited to the NECIC North End Elder Program!

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