What is the campaign goal and timeline? 

The NECIC Building Blocks Campaign goal is $16 million dollars, with construction being completed by the third quarter of 2025. Currently, NECIC has secured 22% of the $16M goal. Pledges and gifts can be made over a 5-year period as a one-time gift or on a weekly, monthly, or annual basis. 

What happens if the full amount is not raised or if the campaign is oversubscribed? 

Through the generous giving of this community and potential grants that align with this project, we are confident that the $16 million goal will be achieved. However, if the full amount is not secured, the board has already assessed how to implement the project in phases. We have also been pre-approved for construction and bridge loans. Our goal is to raise even more money than what is called for in the campaign. By surpassing the goal, the board can also consider additional enhancements for the Community Impact Center and campus wide area. 

How will the CIC benefit members of the community outside of the North End?

The Community Impact Center is also a gateway to the City of Mansfield, and will have a positive ripple effect across our entire region. The CIC will bring partnerships and services back into the North End Community. However, you don't need to be a North End Resident to take advantage of the state-of-the-art facility. Anyone can access the building, utilize its services, enjoy arts and entertainment, use the recreational facilities, vocational classrooms, and rooftop gardens to name a few. 

Are there tax advantages for making gifts to the campaign? Type of gifts accepted?

Gifts to the Building Blocks Campaign are fully tax deductible. Those donors who wish to make gifts of appreciated securities and other personal property may receive significant tax benefits as well. We recommended that you discuss specific tac implications with your financial and/or tax advisor to ensure that your gift offers maximum benefits to you and NECIC. 

May I direct my gift to a particular element of the campaign?

Certainly, if there is an element of the project that is of special interest to you, your gift can be directed at a particular component of the campaign. However, we have found that many of our donors wish to target their gifts to support the overall project. 

Is NECIC duplicative to the services that the Friendly House provides? 

NO. The Friendly House is a beloved and storied North End institution that serves children and families. NECIC is a not-for-profit asset-based community development corporation focused on economic development and community revitalization. NECIC is the officially designated Richland County Minority Business Assistance Center, provides workforce development services like staffing and micro business development training, works to reduce blight, and increase the supply of affordable housing, and has worked to establish NELFI (North End Local Foods Initiative), that includes NECIC urban Farm, Richland Gro-op, NECIC Teaching Gardens, The North End Farmers Market, and now RiCI Urban Agricultural Site  and more. 

Since they closed Ocie Hill, how do we know that the Community Impact Center is sustainable?

Ocie Hill was a neighborhood center purchased by the city in 1988 and run by the local government. The programming and services were vital for the community, but over time the model did not evolve to meet current or future community needs. When Ocie Hill closed, educational, social service and recreational programming was phased out slowly and not replaced. The CIC is uniquely positioned to meet current and future needs of the neighborhood. NECIC is an independent, not-for-profit community development corporation with its own governing Board of Directors. NECIC, with oversight from it's Board of Directors , has undertaken data-driven research and assessment-based strategic planning to formulate the plan that calls for the CIC.  

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