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Our partnership with Akron MBAC

NECIC has partnered up with the Akron Minority Business Assistance Center (MBAC) hosted by the Akron Urban League (AUL) to bring business counseling services to Richland County. NECIC strives to support entrepreneurs in our work and is excited to offer counseling, training and other resources to displaced workers and small businesses. 

For any questions about our local office and MBAC, contact us at 419-522-1611.

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 Why We Need MBAC

Supporting businesses means providing them with resources that include technical and professional assistance, access to capital,  surety bonding, and connection to business opportunities. The Division leverages these resources to support the achievement of the state's 15% Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) set-aside goal, which is overseen by the Department of Administrative Services.

The MBAC and Division works with entrepreneurs, and emerging business enterprises to help them achieve, scale, and market success. The overarching goal is to help small, minority-owned, and disadvantaged businesses contribute to job creation and economic growth in Ohio.  Contact the Minority Business Assistance Center (MBAC) to schedule an appointment and meet with a Certified Business Advisor. These services are available with no cost to businesses located throughout Ohio.

For more information on MBAC, Call Mario Davison (Interim MBAC Director) at 419-522-1611  or click the link below 






The Akron (Richland) Minority Business Development Center (MBAC) is supported by the Ohio Development Services Agency (ODSA) Minority Business Development Division (MBDD) who all support the growth and sustainability of small, minority-owned, and disadvantaged businesses in the State of Ohio.

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