North End Neighbor Up Night

In light of the COVID-19 situation we are canceling our monthly North End Neighbor Up Night. We wants our community members and staff to be safe and protected at all time. We will continue to keep our community updated on our website and Facebook page. 


Neighbor Up Night give residents an opportunity to discuss community issues, make information available to government agencies, track responses, and provide feedback on results. 


North End Neighbor Up Night is an opportunity for neighbors to get to know one another on neutral ground, enjoy a meal together, and bring forward issues and ideas related to their neighborhood. It's an example of transformative organizing and transformative convening, where NECIC focuses on bringing community members and agencies together for intensive problem solving to make the North End a better place. Meetings are held the second Wednesday of each month at 5 p.m. at the NECIC office, 134 N. Main St., Mansfield. Contact us for more information.

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March Topics

Business of the network (3 topics discussed) –


  1. What to do with Land Bank Lots?

 Don’t want empty lots just sitting around.

Posable Resolutions: Micro farms/ Community Gardens/ AFFORDABLE Senior Citizen Housing/ Playgrounds

  1. How or Can we save Ocie Hill?

        No rec center in the North End/ All the NonProfits in the building need to be IN the North End.

Posable Resolutions: Group Fundraisers/Church involvement/ Community involvement/ Richland Foundation Involvement/ Donations/ Possibilities: /// NEW Building/Fifth St school/Grants (Alomar D.: March24 6pm Meeting Come up with a plan)

  1. How to deal with people who have no healthcare COVID 19

How do we get info out there/ what to do about the ones that fall through the cracks/what to do about jobs(Sick leave- Pay)

 Posable Resolutions: Get info out to people ,Education/ 3rd St Clinic.