North End Neighbor Up Night

Neighbor Up Night give residents an opportunity to discuss community issues, make information available to government agencies, track responses, and provide feedback on results. 


North End Neighbor Up Night is an opportunity for neighbors to get to know one another on neutral ground, enjoy a meal together, and bring forward issues and ideas related to their neighborhood. It's an example of transformative organizing and transformative convening, where NECIC focuses on bringing community members and agencies together for intensive problem solving to make the North End a better place. Meetings are held the second Wednesday of each month at 5 p.m. at the NECIC office, 134 N. Main St., Mansfield. Contact us for more information.

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September Topics

Life Insurance for Low Income Families and Youth-  We discussed families not having life insurance for loved ones who die unexpectantly from health issues or gang violence and how that causes for them to create GoFund Me accounts. The community would like to see people who can help families create a plan for untimely circumstances by having local insurance companies talk to families. We also mentioned Pam Williams (funeral director) coming to discuss burial options and plans as well as banks and credit unions to discuss life insurance plans. There were suggestions such as the Single Parent Plan which help those who may not be able to afford life insurance or their children as a single parent.

Community Outlook (Creating a positive view of Mansfield)- We also discussed using social media to create a positive presence of Mansfield and what it has to offer. They mentioned recycling tires and other items to better prepare the neighborhood. They also would like to see more city representatives in the neighborhoods that they serve making them more accessible.