North End Neighbor Up Night

Neighbor Up Night give residents an opportunity to discuss community issues, make information available to government agencies, track responses, and provide feedback on results. 


North End Neighbor Up Night is an opportunity for neighbors to get to know one another on neutral ground, enjoy a meal together, and bring forward issues and ideas related to their neighborhood. It's an example of transformative organizing and transformative convening, where NECIC focuses on bringing community members and agencies together for intensive problem solving to make the North End a better place. Meetings are held the second Wednesday of each month at 5 p.m. at the NECIC office, 134 N. Main St., Mansfield. Contact us for more information.

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January Topics

We had representatives , Ida Szuiwski from the Censes; Alomar Davenport Councilman, and Officer Barns attend this month's Neighbor Up Night.

  1. Having more recreation in the city for summer. Some examples the residents discussed: a skate park, organized sports teams for no or low cost, bowling alley, splash park area, upgrade bathrooms at parks, and add cameras at parks, Rec. Center,Posable Resolutions: Go to city council, contact schools to help spread the word.

  1. Racing on the miracle mile.  Residents shared their common concern about the dangerous racing that takes place on a common street used by everyone in the community. Posable Resolutions: Alternative recreational things to do, other things to do in that area. Like car show festival ext.….
  1. What steps can be taken for health and safety concerns on properties? (rodents, ext.…) Health hazards on properties in the community were also a concerns that were discussed at the meeting. Rodents and poor maintenance  with public properties not only look bad, but they are also dangerous.  Posable Resolutions: Contact codes and permits, stand up to the owners, Vacant property registration, talk with other cities to see what they do, make legislation to make bigger fines.