The compost pile at the Blust Avenue Teaching Garden is growing...and growing...and growing.  It's time to put it in its proper place by building a compost bin.

Of course, being a Teaching Garden, we aren't going to let this teaching opportunity slip by.  We are inviting YOU, dear reader, to stop in, lend a hand, and learn all about the three bin composting system.

Our original plan involved using pallets as building material, but after extensive research, we vetoed that idea.  Did you know that pallets may treated with pesticides?  Or that pallets may contain contaminates that were spilled via shipping? 

We decided not to risk contaminated compost, so the bin will be made with wire farm fencing and posts.  Simple and economical, this bin system can be utilized in any home garden.

Come by the Teaching Garden on December 5 at 11 a.m. and join the fun!!


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