Compost Bin in Action


Once again, many thanks to our workshop attendees that braved the cold and ice fog to lend a hand with our new three-bin compost system.

Our compost pile was getting out of hand, thanks to some generous compost material donated weekly by Grace Episcopal Church, but too much compost is certainly not a bad problem to have.  

Yesterday, the compost was finally moved to the new bin.  The original plan had been to build the bin around the compost, but as the pile was so big, and we didn't really like the location, a little effort hadto be put into moving the compost.  I was surprised at the compost action already taking place, with some of the material breaking down nicely.  The move also served as a great way to turn the compost (but not one I want do do regularly!).

Thanks the the bin, I finally got around to cleaning out the tomato beds and getting them prepped for winter.  Not only did all those dead tomato plants come out, but the plethora of weeds that had taken root needed to go, as well.  Taking advantage of the warmer December weather to be out in the garden is a great way to spend the day!


All tucked in for the season!


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