Volunteer Safety Training for NELFI (Farm/Garden)

Thank you for your interest in volunteering in our North End Local Foods Initiative (NELFI).  NELFI encompasses all our food work including the Urban Farm located at 311 Bowman St,  our Teaching Garden at 417 Blust Avenue and our Community Garden program.

Before volunteering--we want to ensure you know how to stay safe while volunteering for our NELFI program.  Our safety training includes:

Watch the following safety videos

Review of our safety policies in writing 

Ongoing on-the-job training from our staff.





Top 10 safety tips:


   1. Appropriate Dress:  Appropriate clothing can protect your skin from irritants and chemicals at the farm.  Long pants and long sleeves and proper footwear are required.   NO OPEN TOE SHOES ARE PERMITTED AT THE FARM.

2.  Washing Hands: Washing hands frequently is required.  Must wash hands after using the restroom but frequent handwashing to avoid cross-contamination is also required.   Soil, chemicals, and plants can cause skin irritations—frequent hand washing is the best way to avoid this.

3.  Protection from insects/bugs: Insect repellant is recommended.  You can be exposure to various insects including mosquitos, bees, and wasps. Slips/Trips and Falls: Step carefully when at the farm.  The ground is uneven, watch for tools and equipment.  Report any hazards immediately to your farm supervisor (NECIC Staff Person)

4.  PPE:  Gloves and Safety Glasses:  Wear gloves and safety goggles at all times when working at the farm.  These are provided by NECIC. 

5.  Log Out/Tag Out: Know the logout/tag out procedure and follow accordingly.

6.  Proper Bending/Lifting: Bend with the knees and whenever possible use wheelbarrows to move

7.  Sun Exposure/Staying Hydrated. Cold Exposure.

8.  Water and Electric: Water and electricity don’t mix.  Be careful whenever working around electric and water.

9.  Sickness: If you are experiencing any type of illness, including fever or stomach illness, you can’t work at the farm.   Please leave immediately and return 48 hours after you’ve been symptom-free.

 10.  Report injuries or hazardous conditions—immediately to a NECIC staff person.

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