Getting Wiggly in the Garden


Recent classes in the Blust Avenue Teaching Garden have gotten a little wiggly!  The kids from Culliver Reading Center got a hands-on lesson in earthworms last week.  As you can see from the photos, it was an enjoyable class, and even the few that were too "grossed out" to touch the worms were still interested in the earthworm facts we shared.

Did you know that earthworms have five hearts?

 Did you know:  Earthworms occur in most temperate soils and many tropical soils. They are divided into 23 families, more than 700 genera, and more than 7,000 species. They range from an inch to two yards in length and are found seasonally at all depths in the soil.

Earthworms dramatically alter soil structure, water movement, nutrient dynamics, and plant growth. They are not essential to all healthy soil systems, but their presence is usually an indicator of a healthy system. (Source:  USDA)

The Culliver Kids not only learned about earthworms, they helped relocate some worms into the beds at the Teaching Garden.

These little guys will  make some lovely soil for spring.

A big thanks to the Culliver Kids!


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