23 Days Til Spring!

Earlier this week, it was definitely winter outside.

But inside, there was a little taste of spring.

The seedlings are all doing well. 


There were a few trays with poor germination, as you can see by the peppers below.

I try to keep an eye on how things are germinating, and when this happens, I just replant the same variety in those same cells, adding a few extra seeds in each.  This can happen because the seed is older, or just because the variety doesn't have a great germination rate. 

I've been starting seeds for our cool crops, as well as those peppers and tomatoes that we wanted to give a head start.  We'll have lots of cabbage, lettuce, broccoli, spinach, kale and the like ready to harden off just in time to get transplanted to the hoop house for early spring.

But maybe I get carried away when it comes to starting seeds.  What do you think?



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