Organic Matter Matters


Once again, the weather was less than ideal for an outdoor garden program.  Are we doomed to rain and chilly temps for every program?  Maybe.  Does that scare the stalwart gardener?  Of course not!

The heavier rain held off as gardeners gathered Monday evening at the Atherton Avenue Invitational Garden to discuss the importance of organic matter with garden leader Madonna Brock.


Rain can't keep a gardener down, proven by the nice crowd at the

Atherton Avenue Invitational Garden on Monday.

"I hope to learn as much from each of you as you learn from me," said Madonna as the crowd gathered, many of them new faces at the garden workshops.

Madonna led the conversation on permaculture and organic matter as the crowd toured the garden.  She explained the perils of tilling, noting that it destroyed the soil's ecosystem of microbes, insects, worms, and the like. 

The soil at the Atherton Avenue Garden was light and fluffy.  Madonna explained that was partly due to the amount of organic matter added, and partly due to the fact that no one walked on the garden rows.  Instead, paths between rows were utilized to avoid compacting the garden soil.


A thick layer of straw helped keep moisture in and weeds under control at the tidy garden.


The evening's discussion varied, as visitors helped point out poison hemlock and pull invasive weeds, and everyone left feeling enriched and encouraged.

We at NECIC thank Madonna Brock for taking the time to lead the discussion and tour of the garden, and we thank each of you amazing people that braved the chill for an evening of garden chat. 

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