CED Plan Breakdown: Land Use

CED Plan Breakdown: Land Use


Land use within the North End is varied. We have low-density residential areas, industrial areas, and businesses. Sometimes, there’s a clash, thanks to pre-code constructions, that allow commercial or industrial operations too close to homes, affecting the quality of life of those in the area.

Flexibility is needed to respond to changes in the city’s demographics, housing needs, and employment trends. Most importantly, a balance must be found to protect the health, safety, and property rights of residents and business owners while encouraging innovation, entrepreneurship, and community economic development.

Land Use Recommendations:

  1. Improve the public information process. 

  2. Decrease housing density. 

  3. Create mixed-use, housing/commercially zoned districts. 

  4. Prohibit environmentally harmful commercial enterprises from locating in residential neighborhoods. 

The recommendations are based on resident input, but it’s not too late to tell us what you think! Did we miss something? Do you have other suggestions? For a copy of the North End Community Improvement Plan, click here. To give us feedback, click here.


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