CED Plan Breakdown - Education

CED Plan Breakdown - Education

A community’s school system and educational infrastructure are key components to the local economy. Schools are sources of community pride that are responsible for training and preparing the next generation of citizens, entrepreneurs, and workers.

Furthermore, the quality and effectiveness of a community’s school system directly affects a region’s desirability and competitiveness as a location to attract new businesses and talent. 
School systems are microcosms of the greater community and are affected by the factors that influence the neighborhood.

The educational recommendations speak to the need to bolster success for students, with specific approaches in place to address the unique needs of students from families with ongoing financial instability, and students of color. In particular, the challenges impeding the future success of African American male students require very targeted and specific interventions. 

Education Recommendations:

  1. Address systemic barriers to equity in education by adopting the strategies presented in the “Opportunity Youth Playbook.” 

  2. Increase resident financial literacy. 

  3. Increase resident civic engagement through education. 

  4. Increase after-school programming for young people. 

  5. Increase mentor opportunities for young people including career based, vocational apprenticeships, and entrepreneurial mentorship. 

  6. Increase entrepreneurship by utilizing new and existing entrepreneurial educational approaches that will provide students with strategies, resources and tools to start and sustain profitable businesses. 


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