Baby Boxes at NECIC

Baby Boxes at NECIC

NECIC's new Community Health Worker, Robyn McNulty, has a lot to offer the area residents. She can assist with clothing, car repairs, transportation, drug and alcohol treatment, disease management, prenatal care, and much more, including baby boxes. All at no charge to you!

"These boxes serve as a bed and are proven by the Ohio Department of Health as the safest sleep for infants 0-6 months," she explained. Each box comes complete with a mattress and sheet, as well as free diapers and a collection of sample items.

The boxes, she noted, are very convenient, "They are portable, so if you are going to the sitter, to grandma's, or just need a place for baby to nap near you, they are perfect."

To get your free baby box, go to, and complete the requested information. If you need help, or don't have a computer, Robyn can walk you through the process here at the NECIC office in downtown Mansfield.

"There's a bit of education involved", said Robyn, "and it's a great way to learn if you are a new parent."

Call Robyn McNulty to find out more at 419-522-1611, extension 126, or 419-612-3760 with questions or to schedule pickup of your box. No transportation? No worries! Robyn will deliver! 



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