Session 2: How Are Identities Reflected in Leadership?

Session 2: How Are Identities Reflected in Leadership?

On September 25, we launched the first session of the AALI Journey: Finding Your Voice Amidst the Changing Demands of Our Communities. The guests of the first session, Leona Smith of NECIC, Victor Coleman Jr. of FirstEnergy Corp, and Deanna West-Torrence of NECIC, had a thought-provoking discussion about leadership demands of the workplace and civic communities. Did you miss Session 1 and need to catch up on what you missed? This session is available on demand at this link.  

 On October 16, we will host Session 2 of the Journey in which we will discuss the following question: Which area of diversity most profoundly impacts leadership? Our facilitator Renée Thompson will discuss the relationship between personal identity and leadership. 

 Rarely have we seen a time when the perception of leaders and their leadership effectiveness is so divided along political affiliations and demographic identities. While not often acknowledged, identity does play a significant role in how one leads.  

 In this session, we will explore the definition of diversity, its influence upon leadership, and how effective leadership must move beyond the personal identity(ies) of its leaders. Who is Renée Thompson? We introduced her in a previous blog post on this link. Missed Session 1? Find the recording by clicking on this link. 

 Are you ready to continue your leadership development Journey with us? Make sure to join us October 16 from noon till 1:30pm. You can register at the following link: Click Here

 Stop postponing your leadership development and join us on the AALI Journey!  



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