The best time to start your business is yesterday. The second-best time is today. 

January 22, 2021


The main barrier to starting your own business? Not taking action

 By Edward Akinyemi

Imagine this scenario. You have a great business idea that you know would fix a problem that many of us have. Not only is it a very real problem, but it’s also one that costs people a lot of wasted time, energy, and money. Would people be willing and able to pay for a product/service to solve this issue? You’re not entirely sure, but you have a pretty good hunch that the answer might be yes. 

Unfortunately though, life often gets in the way and there are many barriers to you starting and succeeding with your own business. A lack of time and money; the stress of being a single parent; working multiple jobs during second and third shifts; a reluctance of banks to lend you startup money; and so on. 

But what is the real barrier to you starting your own business? Funny enough, it’s none of the reasons that I just listed. The real barrier is you not taking action with your business today. Why? Because the only person that is able to make your business a success and reality is you. 

You limit the success of your business when you wait to take action on it right now. When you say “maybe tomorrow” instead of making those phone calls or sending those emails today. When you tell yourself it’s alright for your business to remain an idea instead of working to make it a reality. When you don’t commit 30 minutes every day to working on your business 

But you’re not alone. To guide you on this entrepreneurship journey, NECIC is offering the Microbusiness Development Course. The goal is to help you explore the concepts of entrepreneurship, strengthen your business idea, and take action to make your business a reality. 

The full course schedule and curriculum can be found at, where you can also sign up to register. Classes start on January 25, so sign up now! 

The best time to start your business is yesterday. The second-best time is today. 



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