Bonus: A support system!

February 12, 2021


            Bonus: a support system

We all need people rooting for us, so find those people that bring positivity, not negativity, to your life. You want people to give you constructive criticism that simultaneously opens your eyes to the ugly and painful truth and encourages you to have the strength to never give up.

The Starting Your Business in Ohio Toolkit

Make sure to check out this useful guide for starting entrepreneurs at the website:

This link includes the Starting Your Business in Ohio toolkit, which gives you guidance on choosing a legal entity (e.g. a corporation, partnership, limited liability company etc.), registering with the Ohio Secretary of State, employer requirements, business taxes, and more.

It also has a handy checklist that will tell you what the state regulations and licensing requirements are for your particular industry. For example, if you want to open a barbershop, it’ll show you all the legal requirements of doing that.

Also check out:


NECIC is here to help!

We offer one-on-one free business counseling through Edward Akinyemi, who also teaches the Microbusiness Development Course. The goal is to help you explore the concepts of entrepreneurship, strengthen your business idea, and take action to make your business a reality. Find out more at this link You can also book a meeting with Edward at this link:

If you need business assistance, let us know! We are also a satellite office for the Minority Business Assistance Center hosted by the Akron Urban League.


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