The Vision

“As a result of our efforts over the last 20 years, the North End in 2028 is a community of significant prosperity and innovation. While in 2008, we were considered a drain on the local economy, today we are the leading engine of economic vitality, arts, and positive youth development and civic engagement within the city of Mansfield.”

We, as a community, are working toward the vision to become a leading engine to economic vitality, arts, and positive youth and civic engagement within the city of Mansfield.

Economic Vitality

Economic vitality is a way to explain the local economy, but what it really boils down to is jobs. If you don't have an income, you can't meet your basic needs. If you can't meet your basic needs, how are you supposed to worry about your community as a whole?

With feedback from the community, NECIC has focused its efforts to help. We've launched a staffing division, Temp2Higher, and over the next three years, we will expand workforce training programs, and assist in removing barriers to employment. 

We also support small business, arts-related businesses, and entrepreneurs. 


Safe and affordable housing is a must for every resident. Your input has helped us focus on target areas for improvement. By working with community partners, we plan to further reduce blight and increase the supply of safe and affordable homes in the North End.



North End youth are the future of the community. By supporting, mentoring, and listening to them, we can, without a doubt, revitalize the area.

Youth grants are available to support the efforts of the the young people in the North End and encourage them to find constructive answers to community violence.

In a partnership with Mansfield City Schools, we offer ROAR mini-modules that let the students explore art, entrepreneurship, cooking, and more. 

In 2016, NECIC saw a group of Mansfield City School students explore entrepreneurship. The group grew food from seed at the Blust Avenue Teaching Garden and sold it at the NECIC North End Farmers' Market. The group made over $1,200, had a lot of fun, and discovered new skills in the process.

Community and Civic Engagement

Small grants are available to assist community members in solving a problem in their neighborhood.  

Community Garden grants are available to help residents start and sustain a community garden.  

NECIC supports all community efforts to make the North End a better place, from artistic endeavors to improvements in public transportation and more. By hosting a monthly North End Neighbor Up Night meeting, we are able to connect residents to resources and allow their voices to be heard by public officials, local police, and other area agencies and community members. By working together, we can find solutions!