CED Plan Breakdown - Housing

CED Plan Breakdown - Housing

If you live in the North End, then you know what the housing situation is like. While there are many homes that are well cared for, there are also abandoned houses that attract trouble, are an eyesore, and are a danger to curious children. Those houses reduce the property value for other homes in the neighborhood.

Among the recommendations is "develop affordable housing options." Developing affordable senior housing on the North End is one of those options being explored by NECIC. Tiny Homes is another option, along the lines of the Cass Community Social Services (CCSS) Tiny Homes Project in Detroit, Michigan. The model is successfully utilizing tiny houses as a means for low-income workers to become homeowners. Would you be interested in living in a Tiny Home? 

The following recommendations are based on your input. See something you’d like to change? Would you like to add something? For a copy of the North End Community Economic Development plan, click here. To give us your feedback, click here.

Housing Recommendations:

  1. Increase housing code enforcement. 

  2. Reduce land speculation. 

  3. Develop affordable housing options, particularly for single childless adults, seniors, single parent families, ex-offenders, artists, residents in need of supportive housing, and youth aging out of the foster care system. 

  4. Continue targeted demolitions. 

  5. Ensure that demolitions are being done in such a way that is conducive for future new construction. 

  6. Increase the availability of housing related educational resources for residents including: financial literacy, 
personal credit, buyer readiness, foreclosure prevention, home maintenance, and tenants’ rights. 

  7. Increase the capacity of local housing practitioners to improve all aspects of local housing: affordability, availability, health, and safety, etc. 


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