NECIC will be taking precaution in light of the COVID-19 situation.

NECIC will be taking precaution in light of the COVID-19 situation.

In light of the COVID-19 situation, we want to be sensitive to the needs of our employees as well as our community members.  We are taking the necessary precautions to keep our office safe and clean.  However, we recognize that even with our best efforts there are inherent risks. You may choose to avoid personal contact and we support that.

Our goal is to make a conscious effort to reduce in-person social interactions.  We are cancelling the Elder program until further notice.  We are cancelling all other large group meetings and will contact impacted attendees as needed.  

Some staff will be working remotely and our office is open on an appointment only basis.  All staff remains available during regular working hours via phone, email, video conference, and scheduled in-person meetings.

We encourage jobseekers to apply on our website at or call our office at 419-522-1611.  We will continue to find work for our jobseekers.

The best way to stay informed is, our Facebook page and by calling the office at 419-522-1611

ALL Staff are available via phone and email:


Tionna Perdue  419-522-1611 ext 102


Justin Ocheltree  419-522-1611 ext 110

Mona Kneuss 419-522-1611 ext 116


Edward Akinyemi 419-522-1611 ext 127

Nyasha Oden 419-522-1611 ext 112

Tony Chinni  419-522-1611 ext 103

Leona Smith 419-522-1611 ext 114

Deanna West-Torrence 419-522-1611 ext 115

Robyn McNulty 419-522-1611 ext 126




Matt Ayers 419-522-1611 ext 121

Beth Reitler 419-522-1611 ext 107


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