Gettin' our Big Girl Leaves!

The seedlings are doing well. The peppers have finally started germinating - they are always such slow-pokes- and the tomatoes are getting some true leaves.
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Good Morning, Sunshine!

Just a little ray of sunshine to brighten your day, and a peek at the seedling progress to remind you that spring is coming...eventually...
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A Little Snow, A Lot of Weight

Snow really doesn't look like it should be heavy, all light and fluffy looking, but anyone that has ever shoveled a driveway knows better.
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Signs of Spring

I know that retail outlets tend to rush the seasons - Christmas items hit the shelves well before Halloween, and swimwear hits the aisles as we shiver in the single digit temps.
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Baby, It's Cold Outside!

The holidays are over and now it seems as if winter is setting in, with highs over the last couple of days only in the 20s and lows that are just plain cold.
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Unusual Fruits in the Teaching Garden

Tuesday evening, Drew Shifley entertained a crowd at NECIC with a PowerPoint presentation of unusual fruits that will grow in our zone.
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Workshop: Unusual Fruits in Ohio

I love unusual varieties of fruits and vegetables, and I'm excited to find out that a wide selection of goodies can be grown right here in Mansfield.
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December Harvest

December 18, 2015 0 comments
Thanks to the hoop house and the unseasonably warm December temperatures, harvest is still happening at the Blust Avenue Teaching Garden.
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Managing Your Three-Bin Compost System

For those of you that have ventured into the world of the three-bin composting system, here are some tips and tricks to help you stay ahead of your compost.
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Compost Bin in Action

Once again, many thanks to our workshop attendees that braved the cold and ice fog to lend a hand with our new three-bin compost system.
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The compost pile at the Blust Avenue Teaching Garden is growing...and growing...and growing. It's time to put it in its proper place by building a compost bin.
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